The IIS University showcases 10th Fashion Show-‘Creations 2019’

Creations’19: Designers showcase sustainable fashion

Creations’19: 34 designers showcase collection on 10 themes

Creations’19: Designers salute womanhood!

Creations’19: Designers support LGBTQ through collection Jazzy Radiance

Creations’19: Designers raise voice for different causes

25th January 2019: Jaipur: Decked in the bravest, past the rigour. She poses like a tutelary to unveil the vigour! We live in a country in which we worship goddesses the way we worship gods but when it comes to reality this similarity and equality fades away. Why men fail to understand that a woman is an embodiment of a goddess whether it is Lakshmi and Saraswati or Durga and Kali for that matter. To make everybody realize the strength of a women and give an ode to the ethos of womenhood designers Aanchal Arora, Preksha, Shalini Malpani and Shivani Singhal put forward their collection Tutelary Vigour in 10th Annual Fashion Show ‘Creations’ 2019 organized by the department of Fashion and Textile Technology of IIS (Deemed to be University) on Friday. In the collection, designer qualities get transformed into classy indo-western embroidered gowns and dhoti-trousers in the symbolic shades of black, red, yellow and pink, pared with decorous accessories, defining the complete women-an amalgamation of valour and tender grace.

The annual fashion show is an amalgamation of creativity, grace and sophistication. A show of the students, by the students and for the students, it has been conceptualized to give the students to acquire a hands-on learning experience in the dynamic field of fashion. It is an attempt to showcase the ability of department’s students to blend their abstract ideas with her requirements of the fast changing world of fashion.

The fashion show witnessed collection in 10 different themes put together by 34 students cum fashion designers and 42 students cum models donned the attires. Fashion Designer Anupama Bose and Suchi V C had donned the judges’ hats. Special guest on the occasion was Jana Harding, Rotarian from the US.

Designers spread water conservation message

Today’s youth are not only aware of contemporary issues related to society or environment but they are vocal about it and they know when and how the message should be spread amongst population. Girl students of the university took fashion ramp as a platform to raise the voice for the cause they believe in. Limpid Aqua collection by the designers Shreya Gupta, Kiran Jeevnani, Mili Nimbark, Neha P. Sahetai, Noopur Mulani, Parul Sharma, Pushpa Bhati, Ritika Nuhal, Tanishka Rathore, Tarushi Jain and Vibhuti Poddar depicted a story of today’s condition of water resources in the form of outfits. Beginning the collection from purest color of water to end with brown muddy coloured impure and polluted water sought everyone’s attention in the audience. Digital printed collection of trendy attires in silks, crepes and cottons in tints and shades of white, blue and brown prettified with frills, cuts and a flouncy look represent the diverse aqua bodies and narrate a tale of both the meaningfulness and the meaninglessness of life, with and without water.

Designers support LGBTQ through collection Jazzy Radiance

The queen movement is the reason behind the edgy collection Jazzy Radiance by the designers Darshi Kamal Lohiya, Drishti Agrawal, Kritika Mittal and Ragini Techchandani. The designers lend support to LGBTQ community through their collection and the colors chosen to prepare the garments represent their flag. Outfits enfolded in ravishing red, over-the-top orange, young yellow, gorgeous green, boisterous blue and lovely lilac, the ensembles strongly announce each one’s right to participate in the celebration of life. A profound notion is re-styled through prolific art as creativity to give way to the designers’ dream.

To promote jute to make it commercially viable, designers Anushka Jain, Ayushi Gour and Vanisha Jangid present their collection Ritzy Earthbound. Digitally-printed, asymmetrical ‘street wear’ in stripes as well as voluminous jackets in shades of rose pink, olive green and amber brown, lend a snazzy look to this exquisite collection. Designers have given their bit to sustainable fashion through their collection.

Old fabrics come in a whole new avatar using the effect of marbeling technique in the collection ‘Downtown Chic’ presented by designers Bhawna Verma and Muskan Sainik. Beautified in tinted rose, indigo blue, marble white and golden yellow, in pure crepe, taffeta, silk and glazed cotton, this collection of ‘Loud Street Fashion’ draws inspiration from the four major cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Udaipur. In the spirit of funky street art, loose trousers and skirts, teamed with a baggy shirt, lend a look that spells casual chic.

Invoking the Dragon God and firing up the creative imagination by drawing from temple architecture and monk’s attires to suggest coalescence of Tibetan culture and religion, the eclectic collection Numen Myth by the designers Shristi Gupta and Vidhi Lunawat uses emblematic shades of red, blue and orange festooned with well-crafted dragon motifs in golden cord hand embroidery. A rich alloy of indo-western clothing, is an embodiment of the spiritual fashionista.

Epoch Vogue by the solo designer Snigdha Jain is bride-to-be’s sought after collection. Aesthetic fusion of modish designs and techniques befitting a bride’s trousseau, shararas, gararas, lehangas, skirts and jackets, in flowing georgette, rich cotton, organza and sheer net, in shades of pink, grey and green, are enriched with ‘Lucknow Chikankari. Reminiscent of a time of regal fashion, the ensembles blend vintage Luchnowi art with contemporary high fashion to revive the romance of a bygone era.

One more solo designer Eshita Bokadia’s collection Pastel Patina flaunts a range of costumes using an interflow of a fresh new aesthetics, both indigenous and modern. Doused in a pastel palette, the bohemian style garments are embellished with sartorial boxes, blithe patterns and dainty, colourful beads, all rooting for the subtle style.

Desi Firangi, a collection by designers Anjali Pareek, Perry and Upasana Agarwal is an alluring blend of contemporary and traditional palettes offers a casual look to the costumes. Sartorial twists of indo-western silhouettes, anarkali cuts, dhoti-trousers and skirts, in electrifying hues and gota work, bestow a desi firangi touch to give us the best of both the sensibilities.

Designers Saloni Jain, Sandali Jain and Shaikh Saher’s presentation Origami Terrestrial is inspired from ‘garden’. Tender grace and garlanded in vibrant floral shades using straight fit silhouettes in dresses made with diverse fabrics and embellished with the origami technique. Net hats, fine laces and floral trinkets add to the nymph-like look whilst recreating earthly paradise.

OUTSTANDING DESIGN COLLECTION title went to designers Anushka Jain, Ayushi Gour and Vanisha Jangid for their collection Ritzy Earthbound.

SPECIAL JURY AWARD was received by Designers Saloni Jain, Sandali Jain and Shaikh Saher’s presentation Origami Terrestrial.

Emerging Talent Award went to ‘Downtown Chic’ presented by designers Bhawna Verma and Muskan Sainik.