18th Annual Art Exhibition "ABHIVYAKTI....EK PRAYAAS"

The IIS University presents 18th Annual Art Exhibition ‘Abhivyakti Ek Prayas’ 2017-18

Best forms of visual arts showcased at Jawahar Kala Kendra

‘Abhivyakti Ek Prayas’ 400 kg clay used to make sculpture

‘Abhivyakti Ek Prayas’ 400 audience mesmerized by 3D photography

Students showcased innocence and humor through artwork

Women’s issues and Rajasthani heritage highlights of Abhivyakti Ek Prayas

20 February, 2018. Jaipur: A woman who is entangled in the bondage of society and cannot fulfill her desires in real life tries to make it possible in her dreams. Student Ruchika Joshi’s sculpture in which she has shown a woman trying to catch a butterfly is self-explaining. Through her art she depicts “butterfly” as woman’s desires which are left unaccomplished. She has tried to convey her feelings through her artwork displayed at Jawahar Kala Kendra’s Chaturdik Gallery on the occasion of 18th Annual Art Exhibition “Abhivyakti Ek Prayas…. 2017-18 that has been inaugurated on Tuesday by Dr. Ashwin M. Dalvi, Chairman, Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy.

In her another creation, student Ruchika Joshi has given blue pottery a realistic twist through this piece of art. She tells a story of a pregnant woman who weaves dreams for her unborn child to give a fairytale like life but when the child comes out from the womb, she understands that the life which her child is experiencing is not at all the same what she thought of.

“The sculpture I have made of blue pottery is quite a difficult but enriching experience. It takes a lot of hard work to create such piece of art form from blue pottery because it is not clay and this is the reason only show pieces and pots are made up of blue pottery,”
Ruchika said.

On the occasion, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Ashok Gupta boosted the morale of the students by saying each of the art works put up on display tells a unique story of life experiences and personal introspection of the artist on the canvas of her imagination.

400 kg clay used to make sculpture

Student Kirti Sharma in her artwork has used almost 400 kilo clay which was one of the main attractions of the exhibition. She depicts a girl sitting in a bean bag trying to translate her thoughts into words.

Audience enjoyed 3D photography

Student Shikha Sharma has used her photography skills to prepare 3D photographs and its beauty could be acknowledged with 3D glasses.

Apart from Blue Pottery, students have made sculptures such as a potli and worker, a tea kettle taking the happiness away of a child using clay, terra cotta, fiber glass and concrete to throw a light on human feelings. Student Kritika Pareek has showcased college life and importance of friendship through her sculpture depicting two girls sitting on a bench.

“More than 1500 artworks are put on display and on the first day of the exhibition, students received a lot of appreciation and kudos from the art lovers”. Shwet Goel, exhibition co-ordinator, said.

Students have chosen various art forms like murals, tempera, creative compositions to name a few to express their resentment and distress over social problems, specifically violence against women.

The beauty of Rajasthan’s heritage has also been showcased through murals, tempera, illustrations etc. Khushi Jain, Saumya Chittlangiya, Vanshika Mathur, Gouri Sarawgi etc. exhibited the beauty of Hawa Mahal, Amer, Jal Mahel, Albert Hall etc which got appreciation from one and all.

A total of 186 students from all the semesters in bachelors and masters of visual arts have exhibit their talent. Students put together their hard work and talent to showcase their best in various visual art forms including compositions, wood art, still life, mural, illustrations, caricature, sculpture, drawing, tempera, print making, poster ad, designs, book covers etc under the guidance of visual arts experts of the university.

Through photographs, illustrations, wood art etc, artists tried to bring forth best forms of nature and different facets of human life. Also, some students tickled the funny bone with humorous illustrations and caricatures. Neha Singh’s Bahubali fame Katappa and Rhythm Singh Kachchawa’s Fukre movie fame character Lali’s caricature got the attraction of art lovers.

This fourive days long exhibition is open for art lovers at Chaturdik Gallery of Jawahar Kala Kendra. Interested people can visit the exhibition between 11 am and 7 pm from 20h February to 23rd February.