The IIS University holds its 6th Convocation

Over 1700 students awarded degrees on 6th Convocation of The IIS University

Male members must come forward to empower women: Gen V.K.Singh

Youth has a very proactive role in the making of new India: Gen V.K.Singh

Nifeeya Singh received three Gold Medals

09th December 2017: Jaipur: The IIS Deemed to be University hosted its sixth convocation on Saturday at the university premises. The Chancellor of the University Justice S. N. Bhargava presided over the function, while General (Dr.) V.K.Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs, was the chief guest on the occasion.

Over 1741 students were conferred their degrees and diplomas in the various programmes out of which there are 38 Ph.D., 02 M.Phil., 513 Post graduation, 1150 Under graduation & 39 Advanced Diploma level graduands. I am privileged to state that 59 Gold Medals and Plaques, 16 Endowment Awards and 281 Merit Certificates are being awarded to meritorious graduands.

With the permission of the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor of the University Dr. Ashok Gupta declared the convocation open and welcomed the chief guest, dignitaries, Rotarians, guests and graduants present in the convocation hall. Later, he delivered the welcome speech and apprised the audience with the highlights of The IIS University.

In the welcome speech, Dr. Gupta talked about the journey which began in 1995 as the International College for Girls and within a short span of time it crossed many significant milestones in its endeavors towards excellence in higher education when it was conferred the status of Deemed to be university in 2009.

Dr. Gupta welcomes graduands

While empowering the female graduands, Dr. Gupta said “It is said that girls with dreams become women with vision! But for that vision to become a reality, it is important that women have a seat at the table. And if it is not available to you, as it may happen very often, reset the table! Because it is not enough to talk about equality, you will have to work at it. Empower yourself, empower each other! I firmly believe that equality, especially women’s equality is not just a moral issue, it’s not just a humanitarian issue, it is not just a fairness issue, it is a security issue, it is a prosperity issue, and it is a peace issue.”

He has also shown high hopes on the students who leave this campus with a deep reservoir of the IISU spirit of inclusion, diversity and equality, a reservoir that will grow over the years and invited to join BANDHAN- the association of the alumnae of this University so that you can stay connected with your alma mater.

Male members must come forward to empower women: Gen V.K.Singh

The female grandaunts of The IIS University were motivated by General V.K.Singh’s impressive speech on women empowerment. “The 21st century is a phenomenal era for women empowerment, as we see women holding key positions in the higher echelons of our society. Their participation in the decision-making process has led to socio-economic development. Empowering women acts as a potential which accelerates the economic growth and continue development of the nation. Having said that, we can see the dichotomy that on the one hand they are masters in their domain, yet there are social, cultural constraints on them which act as the main deterrent to gender equality, he said”

To achieve gender equality Gen V.K.Singh encouraged male members to discuss this issue in their family and community to explore all the restrictions faced by women in their advancements and encourage their women-folk to come forward and shoulder responsibilities in the public domain.

“You have to understand in the family that only mother can make the difference, not the father,” Gen V.K.Singh.

Youth has a very proactive role in the making of new India: Gen V.K.Singh

Talking to the youth, future of the nation, Gen V.K.Singh said that when he look at the youth, he could see great hope. He said that the achievements of the Indian youth have given India a place of pride in the scientific and technological world. It is on this unique strength that we are today on the IT super highway.

“The challenges today are many, but in building a new India, the youth has a very proactive role and is a major player - a big stakeholder - in the making of new India. Therefore, if the targets of eradication of poverty, health, education, and a higher level of life standards are to be achieved, it is only through the power of youth, which must rise to the challenge, he asserted”

He also motivated young students by saying that excellence has got no substitute in life. Let the talent come out. Let it bloom as there are many people to encourage the talent.

“After various initiatives taken by the Indian government, India is changing. Jaipur city is now a much cleaner city as compared to how it was few years back,” asserted Gen V.K.Singh while talking about Swachch Bharat Abhiyan.

50 scholars walked away with gold medals out of which 14 were from Arts and Social Sciences, 17 from commerce and management and 19 were from Science and 9 meritorious students received plaques.

Apart from this,16 scholars have received endowment awards for their excellence in academic activities out of which Pooja Varshney from Arts and Social Sciences, Ritika Khandelwal from Commerce and Management and Deepali Rathore from Science bagged Shiv Saraswati Memorial Gold Medal, Bhavika Shekhawat (BJMC) and Akarti Chandrawat and Meenakshi Khandelwal (MA JMC) received Dr. Shanta Narendra Bhanawat Memorial Gold Medal, Chetna Yadav (M.sc. Physics) received Hukam Kaur-Nand Ram Memorial Gold Medal, Kenisha Somra (Economics Hon.) awarded with K.M. Sahai Memorial Gold Medal, Ankita Gupta (M.Com) got Pawan Bansal Memorial Gold Medal, Nifeeya Singh (Chemistry UG) received Prem Chand Bakshi Memorial Gold Medal, Anupma Agarwal (BVA) and Alpana Rai (MVA) bagged Radhey Shyam Badhalia Memorial Gold Medal, Nifeeya Singh (Highest Marks in UG Physics, Maths) got Ram Pyari-Surji Memorial Gold Medal and J.P. Gupta Memorial Gold Medal, Rubel Agrawal (ABM UG) bagged O.P Bansal Memorial Gold Medal and Nivedita Rathore received Aditi Sanghi Memorial Award for her outstanding performance in sports.