Ocean of feelings expressed by designers at 9th annual fashion show ‘Creations-2018’

‘Creations-2018’: “Navras” depicts the nine emotions of women

‘Creations-2018’: Men’s business wear can look good on women too.

‘Creations-2018’: Designers bring Khadi and Orissa’s fabric Ikat into fashion

‘Creations-2018’: Madhubani paintings become women’s fashion wear

‘Creations-2018’: 42 models showcased 27 designers collection showcased in 10 themes

25 January 2018: Jaipur: Everybody is talking about women empowerment because they are no lesser than men but on the other hand the society makes women realize that no matter what women do to not be looked down upon they will always be counted after male counterparts. They say that charity begins at home similarly women should get equal rights at home first then this change could be seen in the society. But the comparison between girl and a boy begins at a very early stage when they are born. Boys are symbolized with blue while girls are associated with pink right from her dresses to her room or wardrobe. Designers Sakshi Khanna, Shristi Gupta, Snigdha Jain and Vidhi Lunawat have tried to break this perception through her collection “Borrowed from the Boys” on the occasion of 9th Annual Fashion Show “Creations 2018” organized by the department of Fashion and Textile Technology of The IIS Deemed to be University on Thursday. In the collection, designers have created a blend of business wear of men and street wear of women and proved that blue and grey color can also look good on women. A touch of femininity has been given to the menswear using details and design embellishments. On the other hand designer Prerna Agarwal’s collection “Navaras” is inspired by the nine emotions of human life. She represented her models with nine different emotions symbolized by the color they are wearing. She portrayed Love with Pink, Anger with Red, Black with fear, Yellow with joy, Grey with sadness, Brown with disgust, Blue with wonder and Orange with Bravery.

Mr. Jagdeesh Chandra, CEO, Zee Regional Channels was present as the Chief Guest on the occasion while Celebrity Fashion Designer Mr. Hemant Trivedi was the Guest of Honor.

The fashion show witnessed collection in 10 different themes. A total of 27 students cum fashion designers showcased the outfits donned by 42 students cum models. Television Actor Mansi Jain graced the occasion as special invitee while Ms. Jaykirti Singh, Designer Jaipur and Fashion Designer Ms. Avneet Adwani had donned the judges’ hats.

Designers Aishwarya Rathore, Jahanvi Badlani and Jyoti Yadav’s Collection “London Talkies” looks to London as its muse with its red bus and the phone booth. Borrowed from landscapes the designers presented a blend of chic and classic fashion wear. The designers used screen painting, printing etc to create this look which was applauded by the audience.

“Steampunk Goddess” showcased by the designer Stuti Gupta has used scrap such as clothes zippers, tubelights, CD’s, bottles etc to create the outfits. Patch work has been used give a unique look to the collection. The flamboyance of black and gold is reflected in cuts that unfold a saga of the desi punk with appliqués, net and tissues which adding to the funk. While designers Ashi Jain, Dia Jangid, Radhika Agarwal and Shriyanshi Vijay have used old, not to born collection of sarees such as Kota Doriya, Silk, Shiffon, net etc from their mother’s wardrobe and transformed then into western outfits such as high-waste bell-bottoms, crop tops and skirts in the collection “Retro Rewind”.

Designers Kritika Mittal, Mallika Mittal, Riddhi Gupta and Shivani Jain in their collection “Stately Surprise” brought Orissa’s woven fabric Ikat in everyday women’s fashion with its lush layers and dreamy drapes. Designers have used warm and cool tones on glazed cotton and fine silk which are a part of our rich textile heritage. Whereas, Madhubani print has been made trendy at the same time didn’t lose the focus on contemporary designs and silhouettes by the designers Aayushi Raj, Daniya Hashmi and Upasna Agarwal in the collection “Art A La Mode”. In another collection, designers have used nose rings and bindi’s to complete the look. Designers Anushka Tyagi, Nandani Choudhary, Nisha Gurung and Priyanshi Chandak have brought Khadi from far to fashion in their collection “Khadi Redefined”.

Solo Designer Aditi Vyas has brought Madras lungi checks in fashion in her collection “Madras Cafe”. She has played with colors and fabric such as tissue to give a trendy look that stands out from far. Reminiscent of “back to basics” and “down to earth” colors ranging from dawn to dusk added to the mirth, “Stocklet Frieze” collection showcased by the designers Shreya Garg and Sonali Khariwal is all of that and much more with the symbol of the “tree of life at its core.

Finally, the time had come to recognize the hard work done by the students and give away the well deserved awards under different categories GEN NEXT DESIGNER award went to “Madras Cafe” by Solo Designer Aditi Vyas.

OUTSTANDING DESIGN COLLECTION title went to “Borrowed from the Boys” by Designers Sakshi Khanna, Shristi Gupta, Snigdha Jain and Vidhi Lunawat.

SPECIAL JURY AWARD was received by Designers Aishwarya Rathore, Jahanvi Badlani and Jyoti Yadav’s Collection “London Talkies”

Innovative Design Award went to Designers Kritika Mittal, Mallika Mittal, Riddhi Gupta and Shivani Jain for their collection “Stately Surprise”.