All India IISU English Debate Competition

Fifth All India IISU English Debate concluded

Shristi Mohla won Fifth All India IISU English Debate

Technology should be used wisely: Ranbir Singh

30th August, 2017. Jaipur: The Department of English of the IIS University has organized a ‘Fifth All India IISU English Debate’ on Wednesday at IIIM auditorium.

The topic of the debate was a very contemporary one ‘Technology has isolated us’.

The main objective of organizing this event was to provide a nationwide platform to the students from various colleges and universities across the country where they can not only express their thoughts but also enhance and showcase their oratorical skills on such a huge platform.

Prof. Uma Joshi, Amity University, Rajasthan had chaired the session while Ms. Namita S Kalla, Journalist, Dr. J N Sharma, Jai Narayan University, Jodhpur and Raakhi Datta, Banking Professional were the judges on the occasion.

The students from various part of the state have come out as affluent speakers and very well spoke in the favor and against the motion.

The speakers speaking in the favor of the topic, presented statistical facts to prove their points. While those who were speaking against the topic vehemently asserted that technology is helping people to connect with each other rather than becoming a medium of isolation.

One of the contestants speaking in favor of the topic said that technology is ‘relationship murderer’. While the other participant said that we need more hands to hold rather than more keys to type.

Opponent speakers also have valid points to argue. One of the participants said that technology doesn’t bound us or order us to use it but it is we who are using the technology to isolate from others. The other speaker expressed his views by saying that people are busy in posting the moments on social networking sites such as Instagram, facebook rather than enjoying it and living in the present.

“There were times when telephones were chained and now we are chained to telephones,” contestant argued.

Both the parties have proved their logics by quoting the references of Facebook, Twitter, Whats’ app, Blue Whale game etc.

Chairperson, Prof Uma Joshi also shared his experience after listening to all the contestants. She said that we cannot neglect technology so the best way is to use it wisely. She also left the audience with a question that is actually technology isolating us or it’s we who are using technology to overcome isolation?

Towards the end of the competitions, prizes were distributed to the winners. First prize went to very deserving Shristi Mohla from St. Xavier’s college whereas Anupriya, Banasthali Vidyapith won second prize and the third prize went to Neha Maheshwari from Sophia Girls College, Ajmer. The team trophy went to st. xavier’s.

Lastly, the organizer of the debate and Head of the Department of English Dr. Rimika Singvi gave away the vote of thanks to the participants, esteem judges and the Chairperson.