The IIS University presents 17th Annual Art Exhibition ‘Abhivyakti Ek Prayas’ 2016-17

Best forms of visual arts showcased at Jawahar Kala Kendra

Students showcase innocence and humor through artwork

Women’s issues and Rajasthani heritage highlights at Abhivyakti Ek Prayas

29 March, 2017. Jaipur: Zero size figure is every woman’s desire. Obesity is one of the major problems amongst women. They are not only ashamed of their big size but they resist from public appearances and carry a mindset that people will make fun of them for being fat. But Ruchika Joshi, a post graduate student doesn’t think alike. Her weight was always on higher side but according to her she wasn’t ashamed of it since she was active participant in various sports and cultural activities. She has tried to convey her feelings through her artwork displayed at Jawahar Kala Kendra’s Chaturdik Gallery on the occasion of 17th Annual Art Exhibition “Abhivyakti Ek Prayas…. 2016-17 that has been inaugurated on Wednesday by the eminent artist of India Shri Himmat Shah.

Ruchika Joshi’s artworks are based on fabric pasted sculptures in which she has portrayed a fatty woman who is enjoying her life to the fullest as she is dancing and chilling out. Ruchika has filled colours and joy in her life through coloured fabric. Also, the future artist has tried to express her love life in which she is enjoying cozy moments with her beloved.

On the occasion, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Ashok Gupta boosted the morale of the students by saying that it is a platform that unfolds some of the splendiferous talents at the university and provides an amazing opportunity to see the next generation of artistic talents before they make it big.

Students have chosen various art forms like murals, tempera, creative compositions to name a few to express their resentment and distress over social problems, specifically violence against women. Nikita Sharma showed the feelings of a helpless woman who is the victim of societal pressure and ignorance. While Chhavi Sharma illustrated a powerful woman resist to be handcuffed and want to lead her life on her own terms.

Sakshi Singh has used creative composition as an art form to express her feelings on how we are losing on our traditions and culture like an old and unwanted furniture or something.

The highlight of the exhibition was the beauty of Rajasthani heritage that have been showcased through murals, tempera, illustrations etc. Aakansha Jain, Bhawna Natani, Priyansha Jain, Rani Vajpayee, Sakshi Aggrawal, Purva Vyas, Prachi Singvi and Sania Khan exhibited the beauty of Hawa Mahal, Amer, Jal Mahel etc which got appreciation from one and all.

A total of 176 students from all the semesters in bachelors and masters of visual arts have exhibit their talent. Students put together their hard work and talent to showcase their best in various visual art forms including compositions, wood art, still life, mural, illustrations, caricature, sculpture, drawing, tempera, print making, poster ad, designs, book covers etc under the guidance of visual arts experts of the university.

“More than 1000 artworks are put on display and on the first day of the exhibition, students got a lot of appreciation and kudos from the art lovers”. Shwet Goel, Head, Department of Visual Arts, said.

Through photographs, illustrations, wood art etc, artists tried to bring forth best forms of nature and different facets of human life. Also, some students tickled the funny bone with humorous illustrations and caricatures.

This five days long exhibition is open for art lovers at Chaturdik Gallery of Jawahar Kala Kendra. Interested people can visit the exhibition between 11 am and 7 pm from 29th March to 02nd April.