The IIS University showcases talent in 23rd Annual Function ‘Virasat 2018’

Virasat 2018: The IIS University’s students showcased the vibrancy of seasons

17th March, 2018: Jaipur: Seasons in India is the mark of the glorious country. It comes every year for being a better climate of the earth and makes good nature. The transition of seasons is not only beautiful but also symbolizes the changing patterns of life. These seasons play an important role in our festivals. The festival comes with every season has its own importance and enthusiasm. To celebrate the vibrancy of the festivals and different emotions of the season, the dancing divas of the University showcased their versatility through semi-classical Ballet – Ritu Utsav on the occasion of 23rd Annual Cultural Eve Virasat 2018 of The IIS University held on Saturday.

‘Virasat 2018’ is the cultural extravaganza reflecting a traditional legacy which is carried forward with poise and elegance. It transpose to a kaleidoscopic blend of the classical and the modern.

Dr. Ashok Gupta, Vice-Chancellor of the University formally welcomed the Chief Guest Ms. Shazia Ilmi Malik, Motivational Speaker and Social Activist, New Delhi and Guest of Honor Ms. Sudha Chandran, Indian Film and Television Actress and acquainted them with the achievements of the students in the session 2017-18. Dr. Gupta expressed pride on the fact The IIS University has achieved a lot since its inception.

The programme began in a traditional fervour by invoking the divine spirits.
The representatives of various clubs, society and guild named as VIBGYOR of The IIS University staged a flag march to represent the dignity and discipline of the university.

The mood of the cultural eve set with the amalgamation of the colors of six seasons through an enchanting Semi Classical Ballet. When the performers experienced the insightful beauty of the lyrics, the audience laid in a trance. The eyes expressed the emotions and the body of the dancers swirled in tune which left everybody awestruck.

Human being goes through turmoil within inner self when it comes to selection between the good and the evil. The evil may over power the good but not to leave the goodness is the message and contemporary dance performance depicting the conflicts of the good and the evil has a message for the audience.

The next set of performers displayed the beauty of cultures of Assam and West Bengal through their mesmerizing dance performance.

Nightingales of the university showcased the very spirit of Rajasthan through the folk songs sung by them. Students set an example of glorious culture of Rajasthan. The students showcased the very spirit of Rajasthan captured perfectly in all its folksy glory.

Next presentation was the Fashion Fiesta where models of the university unveiled latest fashion trends created by the students with great passion. Boys are symbolized with blue while girls are associated with pink right from her dresses to her room or wardrobe. Designers Sakshi Khanna, Shristi Gupta, Snigdha Jain and Vidhi Lunawat have tried to break this perception through her collection “Borrowed from the Boys”. In the collection, designers have created a blend of business wear of men and street wear of women and proved that blue and grey color can also look good on women. A touch of femininity has been given to the menswear using details and design embellishments.

Designers Kritika Mittal, Mallika Mittal, Riddhi Gupta and Shivani Jain in their collection “Stately Surprise” brought Orissa’s woven fabric Ikat in everyday women’s fashion with its lush layers and dreamy drapes. Designers have used warm and cool tones on glazed cotton and fine silk which are a part of our rich textile heritage.

Designers Aishwarya Rathore, Jahanvi Badlani and Jyoti Yadav’s Collection “London Talkies” looks to London as its muse with its red bus and the phone booth. Borrowed from landscapes the designers presented a blend of chic and classic fashion wear. The designers used screen painting, printing etc to create this look which was applauded by the audience.

Also, the Academic toppers as well as achievers in various cultural and sports activities were awarded on the occasion. Divisha Agarwal was declared IISian of the year, Jyoti Singh Chouhan got the title of Dancer of the year and Akanksha Sharma and Sneha Srivastava bagged the title Voice of the year. While Lakshita Goyal, Anjali Singh Ranjeerot and Saloni Agarwal got the title of Service Above Self.

The programme was a wonderful synchronization of the Classical and the Modern, the Indian and the Western. It was a fusion of colourful costumes, melodious music and crisp choreography; in short, a cultural gala imbued with spirit of bringing together the best of colours, music and dance.