The IIS University presents Annual Play Rustam-O-Sohrab

26th September 2017: Jaipur: The IIS University lawn is transformed into a battlefield. The artificial bombs are being blast with heavy noise played from the background, warriors are indulged in fighting with sword on one hand and riding horses on the other. But in the back of our minds, if we could think that is it really necessary to fight with each other. Isn’t nationalism, castism etc an illusion and its insane to kill humans in the name of patriotism. Politics and power could not be done without blood but is it acceptable. These are some questions which were raised by the students of The IIS University through IISU Theatrical Society’s Annualy Play “Rustam-O-Sohrab” staged on Tuesday.

“Rustam-O-Sohrab” is a play penned by Aaga Hashra Kashmiri. The tragedy of Rustom and Sohrab forms part of the tenth century Persian Epic Shahnameh by the Persian poet Fewdowsi. It tells the tragic story of the heroes Rustom and his son, Sohrab. Rustom is indefatigable warrior from Iran, the glory of whose name has outshined the whole world. He comes to Samangaan; a territory under Iran's biggest foe, Turaan; in search of his horse Rakhsh. Samangaan's princess
Tehmina is well aware of Rustom's name and reputation. Tehmina and Rustom fall in love with each other but Rustom has to go back to his country on call of duty for the nation. For 16 years, Rustom and Tehmina spend a life without any contact. The only evidence of their togetherness is Sohrab, their son, of whose existence Rustom remains unaware till the end. Rustom and Sohrab are brought face to face for the first time in life, on a battlefield. Even the enemies are unaware of their relationship. Both the warriors are ready to bleed and behead for their motherhood. Ultimately, Rustom kills Sohrab, but his gleaming pride turns dark as soon he confronts reality of his relationship with Sohraab.

This time with Rustam-O-Sohrab, the students of the university has tried to do something different. Doing Parsi theatre was a dream come true for the students, a walk down the ancient, extravagant and enchanting world of Parsi theatre. Almost 50 students were undergone 35 days workshop in which they learned voice modulation, sword fighting, horse riding, physical training and stamina building.

According to the performers, the story was relevant to present times highlighting the lust for power and suppression of the weak. The show was delightfully original and at times hilarious, intense on poetic dialogues accompanied with live back ground music. The grandeur set was just an icing on the cake.

The defining quality of this entertaining show where its cast — Jyoti Sharma, Sakshi Jain, Divya Bhomia and Kritika Chandak who hit heroic mark with crisp efficiency as they played Rustam, and the animal energy in Urvashi Bidawat and Nandini Nagar as Sohrab.

Bollywood Actor, Raghubir Yadav was the chief guest on the occasion. Mr. Yadav applauded the artists’ performance in the play and persuaded them to pursue acting as he had seen a great potential in them. Coordinator Ms. Aditi R Khandelwal of The IIS University have contributed in giving the play its final shape.

Dr. Ashok Gupta, Vice-Chancellor of the university has congratulated everyone associated with this play for putting their heart and soul into it to make it successful. He also distributed participation certificates to the students.