Inauguration of ADITYA Art Gallery

The IIS University establishes “Aditya” visual art gallery.

21 April 2018: Jaipur: The IIS Deemed to be University established a Visual Art Gallery “Aditya” which was inaugurated by Dr. Ajay Kala, Secretary General, Chamber of Commerce & Industry on Saturday. On the occasion, a week-long art exhibition “Sonorous…A Group Show” is put up by the faculty members of Department of Visual Arts of the university.

“Faculties are artists too. This is the reason why we have decided to inaugurate the gallery by showcasing our artworks so that students could get inspiration from us,” says Shwet Goel, Faculty.

While talking about the opening up of this art gallery, Shwet further said that in future they would like to invite senior artists to showcase their talent by putting up exhibitions which will further help the students to enhance their creativity.

The exhibition witnessed the feelings and emotions of each and every artist showcased through different strokes and myriad colors.

Feeling of affection was portrayed by Dr. Amita Raj Goyal. Her artworks own beautiful things that don’t stand aloof, but they quicken the sense of life, giving it a fresh silhouette.

Prof. Bhawani Shanker Sharma displayed wood cut print sculptures. He is also known for peacock, fair series paintings, murals and graphic prints.

Dr. Kanu Priya’s artwork defines composition of animals, birds and figures using acrylic colors. She believes that the human activity is driving an extinction of other species which is an alarming situation. She depicts the blackbuck, the Indian bustard, the tiger and the black francolin along with other species which are on the verge of extinction.

Kritika Sharma’s forte is photography. She revealed the city beautifully through city escapes and panoramic views.

Dr. Mahesh Singh’s representation appears straightforward until incongruity and malicious details float to the surface of moods. He dissolute spaces that have little place in reality like a memory transforming from thin air into something with the saddle.

Dr Nirupama Singh’s artworks are inspired from nature and wild-life. While Sheetal Chitlangiya depicted her beautiful past being a child wherein she used to spend time with family and enjoyed every occasion no matter how little it was.

Shwet Goel used texture to express his emotions, feelings and vivacity of nature. It contains a composition, a pattern of light and dark, shape and form, color and contrast that intrigued him.

Dr. Ujjwala M Tiwari used varied colors to showcase the changes taking place in nature and environment. Bharti Sharma and Virendra Pratap Singh depict illustrations.

Almost 62 artworks are being displayed in the gallery which is open for artists till 27th April.