National Conference on “India’s Economic Policy and Development Initiatives: Challenges & Opportunities”

Conference on “India’s Economic Policy and Development Initiatives: Challenges & Opportunities”

21st century belongs to Asia & India both: Prof. Kundu

Jobless growth is a big problem of our country: Prof. Kundu

The profit of the development should be reached equally to every citizen: Prof. Vijay Vir Singh

The two days National Conference on “India’s Economic Policy and Development Initiatives: Challenges & Opportunities” organized by the Department of Economics of The IIS University commenced on Friday. Prof. Amitabh Kundi, Centre for the Study of Regional Development School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi was the chief guest on the occasion while Prof. Vijay Vir Sight, Director, NITI Aayog Chair, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur delivered the keynote address in the inaugural session.

The inaugural session began with welcome note delivered by Prof. N.K.Jain, Dean, Arts & Social Sciences, The IIS University. Prof. Jain welcomed the invited guests as well as participants, research scholars, academicians present at the conference. He also apprized the gathering with the aims and objectives of the conference.

Chief Guest on the occasion, Prof. Amitabh Kundu, in his deliberation has shown a sign of relief while mentioning that despite world’s economy struggling with merely 3% growth rate, India’s economy is growing at 7.5% leading the country ahead of China. But at the same time, Prof. Kundu has thrown light on various issues that need to be addressed soon for maintain steady growth rate.

“21st century belongs to Asia & India both”, Prof. Kundu has said.

According to Prof. Kundu, education, health and social security are the major sectors which require development especially for the overall sustainable growth of our country.

“Jobless growth is a big problem of our country. Prof. Kundu said.” Prof Kundu expressed his concern over increasing unemployability despite high growth rate.

While sharing his views on education sector he said that if a student is acquiring higher education in rural area, the chances of his selection in IITs and IIMs will be near to zero. He suggested that rather permitting average education institutions to run in such areas, government should open branches of reputed institutes like IITs and IIMs in smaller cities to provide quality education to children coming from rural backgrounds.

Prof. Vijay Vir Singh addressed the gathering while saying that a nation cannot be judged by GDP growth alone. There are several other factors that contribute in overall development of our country.

“The profit of the development of a country should be reached equally to every citizen, Prof. Vijay Vir Singh claimed”
The first technical session of the conference was based on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development which was chaired by Prof. Vijay Vir Singh. Recent Flagship Programmes of the Government of India was the theme of the second technical session chaired by Prof. P.K.Chaubey from Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi.

The second day of the conference will include sessions on Policy Initiatives and Implications and 25 years of Economic Reforms: Issues and Challenges. Dr. Nidhi Sharma is the convener of the conference.