Third General Meeting of Tuning India Project concluded
Tuning India Project creates global perspective in education
Tuning India Project promotes Student Centered Learning

27th March 2019: Jaipur: Third General Meeting of Tuning India Project hosted by the IIS (Deemed to be University) was concluded on Wednesday. This three day long meeting was attended by 40 academicians of 15 Indian and 05 European universities. Dr. Raakhi Gupta, Rector & Registrar and Dr. Sanjay Kedia, Assistant Professor represented the university in the meeting. The objective of Tuning India, an Erasmus plus capacity building project, is to achieve excellence, expansion and equity in higher education areas of medicine, law, teacher education and ICT.

The project coordinated by Dr. Pablo Beneitone and Dr. Ivan Dyukarev from University of Deusto is based on the results of a feasibility study launched by the European Commission through the Tuning Academy, University of Deusto in Cooperation with the Indian Government to contribute to the strategic objectives of reforming Higher Education in India.

Preserving the rich diversity of education has been paramount in the tuning project while considering the main challenges for internationalization of higher education. Academics, students, alumni employers and other relevant stakeholders from the country are involved in the process of (re) designing programs to make them learner centred, comparable and compatible as well as relevant for the society. The project is to be completed by October 2020.

In the third general meeting held in Jaipur, all the participants discussed learning outcomes, pedagogy and assessment and evaluation methods etc of different curriculum. The ultimate goal of this meeting is to prepare a curriculum for the promotion of student center learning in the educational institutions. Also, Indian universities are working in line with the foreign universities to generate global perspective in the field of education. Participant universities will present a report in the next scheduled meeting based on the discussions took place in the third meeting.