Juniors bid farewell to seniors in “Aashirwaad and Award Ceremony 2019”

Dancing, Singing, Skit mark Farewell “Aashirwaad and Award Ceremony 2019”

05th April 2019: Jaipur: “Aashirwaad and Award Ceremony 2019” was organized at IIS (Deemed to be university) on Friday. On this occasion, juniors give heartfelt tribute to their seniors. Also, second and third position holders along with the winners of other academic and extra-curricular activities for the session 2018-19 were awarded in the ceremony.

In total, 520 student achievers were felicitated on the occasion. 253 students from different under graduate, post graduate courses, add-on certificate and Diploma courses and research scholars were awarded. While 100 student council members and 138 students who excelled in sports were felicitated on the occasion. The first position holders were awarded in the annual function ‘Virasat 2019’ held last month.

Students who obtained second rank in academics were awarded with certificates, trophies and a cheque of Rs 1500, while students holding third position had to satisfy themselves with certificates and trophies.

After the award ceremony, the farewell began with Krishna Stuti. Nightingales of the university dedicated popular friendship songs such as Gazab ka hai din..I will be all right..Ye dil na hota bechara..Ye dosti hum nhi todenge…Yaad aa raha hai…Ye ladki hai deewani..to the seniors. Seniors also couldn’t stop themselves to express their share of emotions. Therefore, they took the mikes and sung songs I’m Gonna Miss My College Days..Dil Chahta Hai..Allah Wariyan to name a few and brought smiles on everyone’s’ faces.

The university is known for promoting Indian culture and heritage. The audience gets Goosebumps when the dancers of the university perform classical and semi-classical dance forms. Therefore, the juniors paid tribute to their senior dancers in terms of performing their signature steps from semi-classical and western dance performances. The enthusiasm and gusto of the party peeled off its layers with smiles, tears, reminiscences and a cultural bonanza comprising songs, dances and other eye-catching items. The IISU Theatrical Society performed a comical play to give tribute to their seniors.

On this occasion, the Final year students of The IIS University were excited to take blessings and best wishes from their teachers and junior students and equally nervous to step into a new world. The occasion marked a very significant day for all the students embracing a new life taking away a bag loaded of mixed memories along them. They bid adieu with smiling faces, hopeful hearts, heads held high to do exceptionally well in their profession. With the blessings and lessons imparted, they know that they will do wonder and will add more jewels to the glory of the university.

Vice-Chancellor of the university, Dr. Ashok Gupta felt nostalgic while addressing the students. He said that the institution when dreamt had not thought of attaining the success it enjoys today and it feels elated to discover every now and then how well its old students are adding feathers by doing well at the professional as well as personal front.

Also, there was a moment when the seniors have a smile on their faces and eyes were wet when visual presentation was played that brought the students down the memory lane where they cherished the moments of being an IISuan. Head girls Niharika Joshi (PG) and Rakshita Singh (UG) shared beautiful experience they had with the juniors and teachers.

They say that best is kept for the last. So, Dr. Ashok Gupta ended this cultural extravaganza by singing one of his favorite songs “Aa chal ke tujhe main leke chalun”…and left the audience spell bound.

The title of IISU’s Crowning Glory was given to Nimisha Agarwal. Jewel of IISU was given to Rakshita Singh, Kavya Mukhija was declared Women of Substance. Wonder Woman of IISU title was given to Saloni Agarwal, Snigdha Jain & Vidhi Lunawat received Queen of Couture title and Manaswani Sharma declared Grace Personified while Niharika Joshi received Shining Star of IISU title.