National Conference on "New Vistas in Chemical Research"

National Conference on New Vistas in Chemical Research commenced.

Tones of natural resources will be processed through chemistry: Prof. Mehta

Chemistry’s contribution is immense in combating diseases like Malaria, Tuberculosis: Prof. Mehta

18 January 2017: Jaipur: A two days National Conference on New Vistas in Chemical Research organized by the Department of Chemistry of The IIS University commenced on Wednesday at IIIM auditorium. On the occasion, Padma Shri Prof. Goverdhan Mehta, National Research Professor has delivered the inaugural address while Prof. Walter Thiel, Director, Max-Plank-Institute, Mulheim, Germany addressed the gathering as the keynote speaker of the day.

The inaugural session began with the enlightening words by the Vice-Chancellor of The IIS University, Dr. Ashok Gupta. Emeritus Professor Prof. R. K. Bansal acquainted the delegates with the aims and objectives of the conference.

“The scope of the conference has been kept broad based with the intention that young research scholars and PG students can get exposed to contemporary topics of research in the field of Chemistry, Prof. Bansal has said.”

Invited speaker Prof. Goverdharn Mehta took over the session and his address was focused on “Dimensionality of Chemistry: A science for global sustainability in the 21st century.”

According to Prof. Mehta, “the connections the chemistry have in human life, it is everywhere and for everybody.” He said that Chemistry is the art and craft of mixing substance.

He further discussed the two new symbols that were introduced recently in the subject which are ‘Su’ Sustainability and ‘Id’ Interdisciplinary.

“Estimate by 2050, 180 Bn tones of natural resources will be processed through chemistry, he asserted.”

He also expressed that the world will be completely changed if we continue to use chemicals the way we are using at present. Prof. Mehta went on record to say that since Chemistry is everywhere, it needs re-invention and re-postitioning for human development.

Prof. Mehta has also expressed connections that Chemistry has with human health and well being. “Chemistry’s contribution is immense in combating diseases like Malaria, Tuberculosis, AIDS, Avian Flu but it didn’t get its due credit which is a different issue, Prof. Mehta said.”

He further added that Chemistry can help as mood modifier in the emerging major health issues like depression and mood swings.

The keynote speaker on the occasion, Prof. Walter Thiel has delivered his speech on Computational Chemistry. While introducing this topic to everyone he said that computational chemistry has reached that stage where experimental results can be rationalized. He went on saying that earlier reaction mechanism was difficult to understand but introduction of computational Chemistry it is now possible.